Book Review – THE SIX SACRED STONES by Matthew Reilly

The Six Sacred Stones – Matthew Reilly

The Six Sacred Stones is action-packed and an enjoyable read but has Matthew Reilly bitten off more than even he can chew this time?

Jack West Jr., the seemingly invincible defender of the free world and all round nice guys’ peace and solitude on his farm in outback Australia is rudely interrupted by an army of invaders one morning. This sets in motion the coming together of all our favourite characters that helped Jack save the world last time in The Seven Ancient Wonders – Pooh Bear, Wizard, Stretch, Sky Monster, Lily and Zoe.

I enjoyed the addition of several new characters to the merry band such as the computer geek Twins and a friend for Jack’s adopted daughter Lily, named Alby. The subtle but developing relationship between Jack and Zoe was a nice touch, as was the appearance of one of the Scarecrow characters’ ‘never leave home without it’ devices in this story. Reilly fans will know what I mean by this!

Most pleasingly though in this instalment we are treated to a look inside the world of Jack West Jr., his family and upbringing, shining further light on what makes him tick.

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What makes The Six Sacred Stones different to any of the previous books written by Matthew Reilly?

It is the fact that the story is only halfway through when you reach the end of the novel. The Six Sacred Stones presents readers a cliff hanger of a scale rarely seen in a fiction series. It is so abrupt. I don’t consider this a spoiler, more like a community service announcement – readers soon figure it out for themselves when the pages start running out with many of the stated goals yet to be achieved. Reilly himself admits it is very much like waiting for the next season of a TV show that has ended on a cliff hanger.

I honestly do not think this is Matthew Reilly’s greatest work. Granted I read books by this author for pure escapist fun but at times this story is still just that little too big I think, even for him. The feat they are seeking to achieve appeared too complex at times – there are just so many different pieces of the puzzle that need to fit together to achieve their goal. My favourite books by Reilly remain his Scarecrow Series which are more self-contained and in particular the novel Ice Station.

So, having said it wasn’t my favourite by this author, will I be going out and getting myself a copy of the next novel in the Jack West Jr. Series, The Five Greatest Warriors? You bet I will, because I just have to know what happens!

BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 3 / 5 — Overall 3.5

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Author Information: Matthew Reilly (born 2 July 1974) is a New York Times bestselling Australian action thriller writer. His novels are noted for their fast pace, twisting plots and intense action.

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