Book Review – NO REMORSE by Ian Walkley

No Remorse by Ian WalkleyNo Remorse Synopsis

Lee McCloud (Mac) has a reputation as a loose cannon. So when a secret agency operating outside the law recruits him for his special operations skills his team leader Tally, a tough, attractive computer genius, is ordered to keep him on a tight leash. But a tight leash is the last thing Mac wants. His intent is to use the agency’s massive resources to track down Sophia, a close friend’s daughter, who has been kidnapped in Mexico. 

From the beginning, sparks fly between Mac and Tally. Mac sees Tally as an office worker, not qualified for field operations. For her part, Tally views Mac as little more than a cold-blooded killer. The conflict escalates as the two are forced to play at husband and wife in order to get close to their next target.

Ignoring orders to stay out of trouble, Mac enlists the help of Scotty, a British soldier, and Jog, a Lebanese fixer. They follow the kidnappers’ trail to Paris, where events lead them to suspect Sophia is a captive of Sheik Khalid, a billionaire Saudi exile who is suspected of supporting terrorist groups by shipping weapons, drugs and slaves on his luxury vessel, Princess Aliya. 

Mac and Tally discover they have feelings for each other, but events lead Mac to question whether Tally is working to another agenda. With time running out, the group dodges assassins, corrupt generals, evil medicos, Mossad agents, corrupt bureaucrats and sharks. But they cannot anticipate what is waiting for them on Khalid’s fortress island of Andaran, or that there’s much more at stake than Sophia… (Amazon)


What first struck me when I started reading Ian Walkley’s debut novel No Remorse was the quality of the writing. From the first page the reader feels like they are in the hands of someone that knows what they are doing and where they are going. You can just tell from the outset this is a plot that will have meat on it. The dialogue has a feeling of authenticity too – regular readers will know that nothing irks me quite so much as awkwardly written dialogue.

No Remorse by Ian Walkley is a first class thriller that I found impossible to put down.

The scope and complexity of the story is ambitious, featuring many different characters and exotic locations, and the pace unrelenting. Walkley has developed characters that evoke strong reactions from readers. I really liked that the lead characters Lee McCloud and Tally, were in addition to many other endearing qualities, intelligent individuals. Also, the bad guys in this story are some of the ‘baddest’ I have come across in fiction in some time. The evil featured in this novel is powerful because of its plausibility.

I must provide a warning though – No Remorse contains extremely confronting subject matter, child rape, torture and more… so this is not a book for the faint-hearted. The movie, and it is that good that I think there is a high chance of this novel being made into one, would at least be MA+ rated.

Ian Walkley’s debut thriller No Remorse is a gripping and intelligent thriller. If you can handle graphic and confronting subject matter in your leisure reading, I highly recommend it. On the strength of this debut I eagerly await the publication of Walkley’s next title.

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BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 4.5 / 5

BOOK DETAILS: No Remorse (Amazon); No Remorse (B&N); No Remorse (TheNile – Aus)

Genre: Thriller, Crime-Detective, Action-Adventure, Romance

Author Information: Australian author Ian Walkley switched to thriller writing after a career as a social and consumer researcher and marketing consultant. He is a published travel writer and has previously authored and edited two books on small business. Ian’s debut conspiracy thriller, No Remorse, is the first in a series, and he is currently working on a crime thriller titled Bait and the sequel to No Remorse. He has also written a screenplay for No Remorse.

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