Book Beginning and Review – CUTTING RIGHT TO THE CHASE by Stefania Mattana

Cutting Right to the Chase Synopsis

Cutting Right to the Chase Vol1 by Stefania MattanaChase Williams’s life seems to be filled with crimes and mysteries to solve, even if he is not working at Scotland Yard anymore. In Tursenia, a pretty, Medieval city in the heart of Italy, Chase tries to live a normal life as an import/export executive for an international cashmere firm, but it’s not as easy as it appears.

Chase’s investigative eye never stops catching glimpses of crimes despite his career change. Throughout these six detective stories of 1000 words each, Chase deals with a sequence of mainly minor but baffling offences that anyone could stumble upon.

Strange flights, teenagers at the mall, quirky neighbours and a special mission with Chase’s childhood friend, Inspector Angelo Alunni, will introduce you to the Tursenian world, where other, nastier crimes can happen. (Amazon)

The Book Beginning is:

Inspector Alumni couldn’t have thanked Chase Williams in a better way for his help. Chase was with the Police on the eastern outskirts of Tursenia, a medieval city in the heart of Italy, where he recently moved from the UK.

These are the opening lines from the first 1000 word story (‘Place Your Bets’) of the six in this collection (volume 1 of the Cutting Right to the Chase series). Each bite-size story, or vignette, is self-contained and features an amusing twist or life lesson Chase encounters in his new life in Tursenia.

Cutting Right to the Chase does just that – it’s quick and easy reading with simple, accessible language. I was impressed by how quickly Mattana manages to set a scene/mood and develop a charming or humourous outcome in so few words – a skill indeed.

This collection of 1000 word stories is a really great concept — an original and clever way to introduce readers to her leading man Chase Williams, who will feature in other crime novellas slated for future release by the author.

You can find out more about the title Cutting Right to the Chase Vol 1 at Amazon, and

more about Stefania Mattana at her blog, and

lots more about what she has planned for her Chase Williams character at his very own website and enter the current giveaway!

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  1. Catherine – hope you’ll read it if you fancy it, look forward to your review :)
    pooch2 – That’s my main goal. Sometimes it’s good to break from long stories to better enjoy the both writing concepts!
    Thanks also to Jo and Elizabeth to stopping by and read Jo’s review of my ebook ;)

  2. Thank you Jo for the amazing review!
    You perfectly got the idea of the CRTTC’s series.
    Vol.2 is on editing, and the new Into the Killer Sphere novella will be out on Oct 1st, for the record :)