Shari Low’s One Long Weekend: Charming mature women’s fiction

One Long Weekend is another charming read and heartwarming drama from bestselling women’s fiction author Shari Low. Read my review.

One Long Weekend by Shari Low - Book Review

Publication: Boldwood Books, May 2024

Genre: Drama, Romance

One Long Weekend Synopsis

Val Murray has mislaid her most precious mementoes of the people she’s loved and lost. Can her family, the wonders of technology and a little divine intervention somehow mend her shattered heart?

Sophie Smith had to take a rain check on a marriage proposal. Will her bid to turn back the clock lead her to her greatest love or yet another heartbreak?

Alice McLenn stood by her husband, Larry when a scandal cost them everything. When he hits the headlines again, Alice has an opportunity to leave – but can she find the strength to finally walk away?

Rory Brookes was forced to turn his back on his parents to save his career and marriage. Now, he’s lost his job and wife on the same day. Is it too late to make amends with the one person who never let him down?

Three days. Four broken hearts. Just one weekend to make them whole again.

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My Review

I adored the first Shari Low novel I read, One Christmas Eve, even though I am not typically a ‘Christmas’ novel reader. It was top-quality women’s fiction, with a great ensemble cast and multiple historical storylines intertwining in surprising and poignant ways. Plus, it featured superbly developed strong female characters spanning the age spectrum.

In One Long Weekend the story threads again ultimately dovetail into one another, and Shari Low delivers some fabulously feisty and engaging mature female characters.

Despite much of the drama borne from loss, grief and trauma the characters have historically experienced, the familial love, friendship and banter between the ensemble cast during this One Long Weekend story window is largely buoyed by hope and good humour. This and the characters’ hunt for missing things, in one respect constrained by a return flight, keeps the pacing swift and the overall feeling relatively light considering the themes explored.

For me, One Long Weekend did not exude quite the same magic and memorability of her novel One Christmas Eve. But Shari Low’s assured, accessible writing style is a pleasure to read, and women well past their twenties will find this story a charming and enjoyable read.

About the Author, Shari Low

  • Shari Low is the #1 bestselling author of over 30 novels, including My One Month Marriage and One Summer Sunrise and a collection of parenthood memories called Because Mummy Said So. She has also co-written a Hollywood Thriller trilogy with Ross King.
  • She lives near Glasgow. Check out her website and her previous most recent releases:

I received a copy of this novel from the publisher for review via NetGalley.