Book Review – MANIC STREETS OF PERTH by Dave Franklin

BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 4 / 5
BOOK DETAILS: Manic Streets of Perth (Amazon)
BOOK REVIEW: Original and darkly comical, Manic Streets of Perth is a tale that is sure to make anyone laugh in spite of any highbrow ethical notions they may prescribe to. This is a fun read that anyone can relate to.
Dave Franklin makes no bones about using the fact that even the best of us cannot help but take some comfort in the fact that there are other people in worst situations than ourselves. In Manic Streets of Perth he presents us with such sad cases in this novel for our amusement. While this at first seems like a bitter and twisted premise, gaining amusement from the misfortune of others, the reader quickly realises that Franklin also shows great heart as an author. He manages to turn the downright farcical into ridiculously sublime, and mix in some romance and deep moral undertones along the way.
In this tale Franklin shares with us the troubled stories of four main characters – Paul Lewis, grumpy ex-pat newspaper reporter; Kim Jones, a young woman with a string of bad luck the length of the Nile; her father, who has an unfortunate surname and has itchy artificial legs; and Ted Adams, a snake wielding bank robber. Add to that a wacky ensemble cast and the result was moments where I found myself literally chuckling to myself, even though I felt like I shouldn’t be. I recommend this novel for anyone who has had a bad day, and is in need of a cathartic laugh at the world we live in.
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