Our Aussie Author Challenge koala mascot has a name

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Our 2012 Aussie Author Challenge koala mascot has a name.

It was a hard fought battle all the way between the two early front-runners, ‘Steve’ and ‘Colo’.

Voting has now closed and our Aussie Author Challenge 2012 mascot’s name, receiving 30 out of the 59 votes cast, is:

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COLO from Amy

In addition to being a cute sounding name, ‘Colo’ is also very appropriate since it is an Aboriginal word for the animal the koala. Another observation is that it is unisex.

Cardboard by Fiona Place

Thank you to all those that voted over the past week, and a special thank you to Amy and all others who contributed the great names that made up our short-list.

For submitting the winning name, I will be ordering for Amy her choice of title by an Australian author from The Book Depository:

Cardboard, A Woman Left for Dead by Fiona Place

Everyone – meet Colo.