Aussie Author Challenge 2013 page launch

Whether you are a patriotic Australian, an aspiring or armchair tourist or simply an international reader wanting to discover some talented new authors and interact with like-minded readers, the 2013 Aussie Author Challenge could be for you!

Aussie Author Challenge 2013Now in its fourth year, I have decided to again offer 2 participation levels in the Aussie Author Challenge in 2013:

(1) TOURIST, for those who just want to dip their toe into the talent on offer from ‘down under’, and

(2) FAIR DINKUM, for those wanting to stretch themselves enough to unearth a few gems they may otherwise miss out on.

Go to the dedicated 2013 Aussie Author Challenge Page to find out more details and how to get involved.

Each month during the challenge I will be highlighting new titles being released by Australian authors and notable reviews by challenge participants.

BUT, first things first….

… we need to name our challenge mascot for 2013, the ‘echidna’. I am thinking it is a ‘she’ but I could still be persuaded otherwise.

Disclosure: If you click a link in this post and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission.

Please provide your naming suggestions for our mascot in the comments section below, and I will set up a vote.

Happy hunting for Aussie Authors.

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  1. Thanks PB! The challenge, and all the Aussie Authors out there, appreciate your support. I think this and the AWW work well together. I will be signing up to AWW shortly too.

  2. Just realised after signing up that you’ve made it harder! :D Oh well, I guess it’s not a challenge for nothing… have joined AWW as well for 2013 so it’ll be interesting to see how I go…