SUPERSYMMETRY by David Walton, Book Review

Supersymmetry, the sequel to David Walton’s Superposition.
Supersymmetry - David Walton

Supersymmetry Synopsis :

Ryan Oronzi is a paranoid, neurotic, and brilliant physicist who has developed a quantum military technology that could make soldiers nearly invincible in the field. The technology, however, gives power to the quantum creature known as the varcolac, which slowly begins to manipulate Dr. Oronzi and take over his mind. Oronzi eventually becomes the unwilling pawn of the varcolac in its bid to control the world.

The creature immediately starts attacking those responsible for defeating it fifteen years earlier, including Sandra and Alex Kelley—the two versions of Alessandra Kelley who are still living as separate people. The two young women must fight the varcolac, despite the fact that defeating it may mean resolving once again into a single person.

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David Walton’s Superposition was a recent favourite of mine — a potent mix of science, action, thriller and heart, and surprisingly accessible for a novel described as a ‘quantum physics thriller’ — and this is the sequel.

I often quite comfortably join a series a book or two in, but in this case I am thankful I read these titles in order, and I strongly recommend you do so too!

Although the issues tackled in Supersymmetry are ‘epic’ (as you’d expect from a ‘fate-of-world-in-their-hands’ thriller), this novel somehow feels less weighty compared to the depth of characterisation and scientific background provided in Superposition. But it is a sequel, and also has much to do with the change in focus and lead character set — from a father fighting to save his family to now his daughters trying to stop world domination.

The introduction of female leads brings with it scope for sibling rivalry and romantic tangents, both of which I felt Walton executed very well. Walton sets a cracking pace and sharp, entertaining dialogue was again a feature, with some nice humorous touches woven in. He also presents an interesting future geo-political scenario and a killer countdown.

For me, it was always going to be hard to top Superposition, but I congratulate Walton on coming close with this sequel. Supersymmetry is another highly accessible and engaging action-thriller that I found hard to put down.

A highly recommended series – science degree not required.

UPDATE: We have since reviewed David Walton’s The Genius Plague and Living Memory.

BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 4 / 5

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Genre: Sci-fi, Action-Adventure, Crime-Detective, Thriller

About the Author, David Walton

David Walton is the author of Superposition, Quintessence, and the Philip K. Dick award-winning novel Terminal Mind. He lives near Philadelphia with his wife, seven children, and three hamsters. By day, he works on classified defense technology, which not even the hamsters are allowed to know about. David’s fiction explores themes that skirt the edges of science and religion, such as human origins, the nature of truth, the certainty of death, and the nature of the soul. You can read more about his life and work at

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