July book releases that have caught my eye – 2016

New July fiction

Historical fiction features heavily in my selections for July, a few with a gothic, mystery thriller bent… plus some humorous and experimental literature, science-fiction and contemporary crime and corruption to look forward to.

Here are the 9 fiction titles that have particularly caught my eye.

Which of these new books will you be adding to your ‘must read’ list?

Please share with us in the comments below any other titles being released in July that you are particularly looking forward to.

And, if these publication dates are simply too long to wait, here are some great books to read already on the shelves — the June and May fiction releases that piqued our interest.

June book releases that caught me eye    May Book Releases

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  1. Oh Jo, a couple of interesting titles there and I’m trying to remember if I’ve requested any of these, but don’t think so. I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction but there’s always an exception to the rule!

    1. I know Deb, it’s not really my go-to genre either but a few of these sound like they are coming from particularly interesting angles. I hope some of them arrive in your mailbox :)

    1. I’ll admit it was the fantastic cover art that first caught my eye Lianne, and am so glad it did because the Mister Memory storyline sounds like one to get swept up in. The Zafon parallel sets high expectations for me also.