Transfer your subscription to Booklover Book Reviews before the retirement of Google Friend Connect

It has been widely publicised that Google Friend Connect functionality will be retired for non-Blogger blogs such as mine in March 2012.

Many loyal readers follow what’s happening on my blog using this service.

If you signed up to Booklover Book Reviews via Google Friend Connect, I would recommend you taking up another subscription method in the coming weeks.

You can do that easily by clicking on one of the following links now,

Follow Booklover Book Reviews by Email

Follow Booklover Book Reviews by your choice of Feed Reader

Follow Booklover Book Review on Twitter 

Or, while visiting Booklover Book Reviews in future, these same subscription options are displayed on the “Follow” tab always floating on the left of your screen, or via the fixed links on my right sidebar.

I will leave the Google Friend Connect widget on my site until March to allow time for followers to choose an alternate subscription option. I will however move that widget to the bottom of my site to discourage new readers from signing up that way.

Happy reading!

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