Booklover Cover Comparison – DUE PREPARATIONS FOR THE PLAGUE by Janette Turner Hospital

I am a huge admirer of book cover-art and very much guilty of judging a book by its cover. Right or wrong, cover-art is a huge factor in my decision to read an author that’s new to me.

While putting together my review of Janette Turner Hospital’s Due Preparations for the Plague I noticed the range of covers this title has been published with over the years.

(A) Due Preparations for the Plague by Janet Turner Hospital - salamander  (B) Due Preparation for the Plague by Janette Turner Hospital - house

(C) Due Preparation for the Plague by Janette Turner Hospital - plane  (D) Due Preparation for the Plague by Janette Turner Hospital - girl

Cover A was used on the audiobook I selected. Why the lizard? A key character in the novel is known as ‘Salamander’. Dark, stark and menacing…

While I like the ominous vibe portrayed by the dark clouds in Cover B, I remain unconvinced on the significance of the house.

Other than Cover A (my favourite), Cover C is the next most fitting reflection of the Due Preparations for the Plague storyline in my opinion. Although not ‘pretty’, the shadow of a plane evokes the terrorist hijacking perfectly. A direct picture of the plane would not have effectively conveyed the mysterious and nefarious characters in the story.

If Cover D was used on the version of the book I had perused I would not have chosen to read it. I do now understand the significance of the little girl, but for me, little girls walking away into darkness always brings to mind stories of unspeakable abuses of trust… subject matter I simply do not wish to read about. Just for the record, such matters are not contained within this story.

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What do you think of these different covers for Due Preparations for the Plague?

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