BRUNO KRAMZER by A S Patric, Book Review

Bruno Kramzer Synopsis: 

Bruno Kramzer by A S Patric“Someone must have traduced Joseph K., for without having done anything wrong he was arrested one fine morning.” So begins The Trial by Franz Kafka.

Bruno Kramzer is the story of the man sent to arrest Joseph K.

“A study of evil at once deceptively simple and tremendously engaging. Bruno Kramzer’s strange and troubling tale will only enhance A. S. Patric’s reputation as one of Australia’s most innovative story tellers.” Patrick Holland.

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Having been impressed by the originality of A S Patric’s writing in his short story collection Las Vegas for Vegans, I was eager to read his latest little morsel. Bruno Kramzer by A S Patric is one of titles in the recently released Finlay Lloyd Small series:

“… our new companion series of books, Finlay Lloyd Smalls. The project is unusual in that we have given each of the authors sixty pages to create a book and then worked with them with the sort of editorial and design care that is becoming rare in publishing. In a market where each new book jostles for attention, we have enjoyed commissioning the first five titles in the series and are sending them out shoulder to shoulder as an offering of vital writing by youngish Australian authors.”

While it’s not necessary to have read The Trial by Franz Kafka, I think my having done so really gave me a deeper appreciation for the artistic tangent Patric has taken.

Patric does the avant garde with aplomb. Within the realm of Bruno Kramzer, nothing is out of bounds and the reader must find a comfy position on the edge of their seat. Dark thoughts are acted upon and rationalised…

In recent years professional rogues had begun wearing informal uniforms. There was a special belt they wore while they were on duty. Most professional rogues were rogues with or without the belt. The distinction was usually clear with Bruno even if he refused to wear the belt most of the time. It was a job, nothing more.

Those who have read Las Vegas for Vegans will recognise passages from a couple of stories within that collection that are utilised and built upon within Bruno Kramzer.

I’m loathe to say much more about this 60 page piece whose driving thrust is its intrigue, for fear of spoiling the experience. I look forward to reading more from this innovative Australian author.

UPDATE: We have since read and reviewed AS Patric’s novels Black Rock White City and Atlantic Black.

BOOK RATING: The Story 4 / 5 ; The Writing 4 / 5

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BOOK DETAILS:  Bruno Kramzer by A S Patric ( Readings | Finlay Lloyd )

Genre: Drama, Literature, Aussie Author

Author Information: A. S. Patric, writer and bookseller, lives in bayside Melbourne with his wife and two daughters.

– Bruno Kramzer was shortlisted Viva La Novella Prize 2013

– Check out A S Patric’s website

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